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What is Neuritis?

A neuritis is simply painful irritation and inflammation of an otherwise normal nerve. There are several nerves in the foot that can be irritated for a variety of reasons. Some common causes of heel pain include neuritis of the heel nerves (Baxter’s neuritis, medial calcaneal neuritis). Injuries, pressure from shoe gear and surgical scarring can also irritate nerves in other locations as well.


  • Pain associated with burning, electrical, shooting or tingling sensations
  • Pain that can alternate with sensations of numbness
  • Pain from non-painful stimuli (like pain from lightly touching the skin)
  • Pain even when not putting weight on the foot.


  • Direct injury or trauma to a nerve
  • Surgical entrapment
  • Compression of a nerve from shoe gear
  • Compression of nerve through a confined anatomical space (tarsal tunnel syndrome)
  • Irritation of a nerve from a nearby structure (plantar fascia, Achilles)


Symptoms are often enough to diagnosis a neuritis but sometimes nerve conduction studies are used to confirm a suspected diagnosis.


  • Removing pressure on the nerve (changing shoe gear)
  • Decrease excessive movements leading to compression of the nerve with custom orthotics)
  • Oral medications
  • Topical medications
  • Steroid injections to reduce nerve inflammation
  • Hydrodissection: injecting special fluid to separate the nerve from adhesions
  • Surgery

At Valley Foot and Ankle we offer innovative treatments for neuritis: