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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells are the cells that are effectively “blank slates”. They have the potential to become virtually any cell type, whether it be nerve cell, tendon cell, bone cell, etc. These powerful cells can be injected into areas of damaged tissue and potentially become healthy new cells of whatever cell type that needs to be replaced. Stem cells must be harvested from a person’s body, typically from the bone. In our practice, we typically harvest from either the lower leg or the heel. This involves numbing the skin and using a special needle to draw out bone marrow. This bone marrow aspirate is then processed and then re-injected into target tissue. Bone marrow aspiration and injection is not covered by insurance for purpose of injection into soft tissue like tendon, muscle, and fascia or in joints. The special equipment required for this procedure is quite expensive but we are willing to offer this service for those that want it as medically appropriate.