Sports Medicine Renton, WA

What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is the field of medicine dedicated to the treatment of injuries which are commonly associated with sporting activities. These injuries typically involve muscles, tendons, joints and bones (the musculoskeletal system). Some examples of conditions that fall under the umbrella of sports medicine include ankle sprains, tendonitis, ligament strains, plantar fasciitis and various overuse injuries.

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Who Benefits From Sports Medicine?

While sports medicine applies to athletes, it is important to note that you do not need to be an athlete to benefit from this field of medicine. Whether you are a serious athlete, a weekend warrior or do not participates in athletic activities at all, you may benefit from this approach to diagnosis and treatment. When approaching a “sports” injury a careful assessment of activity level, treatment goals and biomechanics is employed to get the best possible outcomes.

What Is Biomechanics And Why Is It Important?

Biomechanics is the study of the forces that muscles, ligaments, tendons and gravity exert on the skeletal system. Basically, it is taking a look at the mechanics of the body. This involves looking at the body as a system to determine what forces contributed to an injury, how to re-direct those forces to allow for an injury to heal and prevent the injury from happening again.

What Treatments Are Available?

Thankfully almost all of the treatments for sports injuries are conservative, meaning they do not involve surgery. In many cases you can even continue exercising in some form or other during the healing process. Treatments can range from taping, splinting, braces, inserts, injections, physical therapy to more advanced treatments that utilize cutting edge technology. Often a combination of these various treatment modalities is used together.

What Makes Sports Medicine Different At Valley Foot And Ankle?

We have over 35 years of experience treating sports injuries as well as personal experience with these conditions. Our doctors themselves enjoy sports and have dealt with their own fair share of sports injuries. Dr. Mishalanie enjoys tennis, motocross, wake boarding, snowboarding and mountain biking. Dr. Robertson was a collegiate track and field, cross country and road cyclist who still runs, lifts weights, paddle boards, kayaks and hikes. Dr. Carlis is an avid road and mountain biker, skier and surfer who also enjoys hiking.
Paired with our collective experience is a dedication to a philosophy of conservative care, appreciation of biomechanics and a commitment to innovative treatments and technologies which further sets Valley Foot and Ankle apart. We use in office diagnostic ultrasound, ultrasound guided injections, radial sound wave therapy, injections of amniotic growth factors (similar to PRP or platelet rich plasma injections), comfortable custom orthotics and a close working relationship with physical therapists in the area to deliver the most advanced treatments available to our patients.