Chacos are one of many active sandal options

Functional Sandals

Sometimes the best way to choose a sandal is based on not only how comfortable it is but also what activities you plan on doing while wearing them. We broke down some common functions of sandals below.

The Classic, All-Around Sandals

Some good examples of a basic sandal for everyday summer wear are the Vionic Wave and Tide. They come in thong and slide form and have the basic “flip flop” look while also having very good built-in arch supports.

Vionic Tide Sandal

The Pool Side and House Sandals

Want a comfortable sandal to slip into at the end of a long day? Look no further than the Hoka Recovery slide which has a thick, cushioned midsole and good foot support.

The Men’s version of the Hoka Recovery sandal

If you are looking for a comfortable sandal while lounging around the pool , the Birkenstock Arizona line is a great, durable, all EVA sandal that will hold up to any amount of water splashed its way.

Birkenstock’s all EVA “Arizona” sandal

The Outdoors, Recreational and Rugged Sandals

If you are looking for a sandal for hiking, traversing sand, rock and ocean, Chaco and Keen make some pretty great options. Both brands offer various styles, strap configurations and are durable when you are looking to tackle the great outdoors.

Highly adjustable straps and rugged tread are hallmarks of Chaco sandals (pictured above)

The Keen “Rose” and “Clearwater” are great outdoor activity sandal options.

We are happy to help guide you through all fo your sandal related questions at your next appointment and may your tan lines be epic!

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